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There are several ways to grow a business nowadays. Aren't we lucky? Going online makes everything easy and systematized, err in the digital world it's technical term is automated. Many businesses have considered shifting their businesses from offline to online which is smart enough since everything is happening digitally now. Attention is being seriously been given to Social Media particularly Facebook™. 

Growing a business is now less difficult since the birth of these social media platforms. People who thinks ahead are now ahead. Literally. Considering being omnipresent in the digital space helps a business to thrive and grow. There are just too many ways to get that done.

You can learn 101 ways to put your business infront of the competition and if you are too busy to do it, someone can handle that for you, like we, we can take all the works off your hand and do the heavy lifting for you. If you are keen for a talk, please send us a message here.

What we do

  • We do Content Curation for your websites, FB groups or FB Page. One of the hardest part of online marketing next to  FB Ads strategizing.
  • We strategize Facebook™ Marketing Campaign tailor fitting the needs of your business. We can help structure your campaign if you still do not have a website (but results are typically naive for no-website businesses). Still growth can be achieved.
  • We develop marketing plan for difficult niches by getting into the grounds, analyze datas,  build solid audience through intensive testing and lay that as a foundation before scaling to a full growth. 
  • 3x-10x your ROI result depends of course on your budget, so if you have the budget you've got the power.
  • Deliver leads by finding the working funnel right for your kind of goal.

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Perfect for SOLOPRENEURS: authors, coaches, consultants, speakers, trainers, educators

  • 3 customised Facebook posts per week with image and caption based on your product and brand
  • One Offer/Deals Post OR One Ad Copy per month
  • One 1-Minute Slideshow Explainer Style Video using Easy VSL per month






  • 3 customised Facebook posts per week with image and caption based on your product and brand
  • One Offer/Deals Post OR One Ad Copy per month
  • One 1-Minute Slideshow Explainer Style Video using Easy VSL per month
  • Community Management - 4 hours per week
  • Facebook Ads Campaign (Refer to: 03)



Facebook Ads Campaign Only


Perfect for EVERYONE! 

  • Customised Facebook Ads Marketing Campaign with One Basic Video Creative.
  • Targeted ad campaign with testing to ensure the best response: 1 campaign with 2-3 adsets + retargetting

Cost of Facebook Ads is excluded. You pay for the ad spend. Normally ad spend is dependent on target sale



Full Marketing Campaign


Perfect for COMPANIES with serious marketing needs


  • Includes everything in PRO
  • Branding (Re-Branding) Strategies
  • Website Building
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Facebook™ Business Page Set-Up
  • Facebook™ Community Setup
  • Business Manager Set Up
  • Unlimited creatives
  • Fully Customised

***We just need to know first the objectives and goals through our assessment tools then send our campaign proposal


Our team

JB Borromeo

Co-Founder Tabletop Digital

Motivational Speaker & Author Founder Max Impact Club

Creator, Expert Business Masterclass

MJ Tapia

CEO & Founder 

Business Manager @


Pinoy Digital Success

Social Media Marketing PH

Jingo Thompson

CEO AskJingo Project

FB Ads Trainor


Founder of: 21-Day

FBAd Challenge

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